[EXCLUSIVE] IMO question paper for class 8.

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IMO sample papers for class 8 free download.

Science Olympiad Foundation is a non-profit organisation which promote mathematics, science, gk, English etc among children through the Olympiad exam globally every year. It provides a higher level of education by providing books, exams, quiz, Olympiad etc. Firstly you check some useful information about imo and scroll down to get imo question paper for class 8.

What is IMO ?

IMO is International Mathematics Olympiad, conducted by SOF every year. It is the competition about maths for class 1 to class 12 students.

Are SOF Olympiads good?

Absolutely it is quite good to appear sof Olympiad exams. I had also appeared in this type of exams. There is no doubt that these exams inspire you to study more highly and perfectly. It helps to think more deeply about the concepts. So it is highly recommended to give the exams.

You can check the official website for further details about the participation , rewards , question pattern and more.

imo question papers for class 8
imo question papers for class 8 – source: www.sofworld.org

How to prepare for imo class 8 ?

Actually it is not necessary to give extra attention to IMO in class 8. But it is must understand the maths concepts whatever you read for boards. First of all, you need to get good marks in maths at the board level. After that, you can get higher level. So firstly it is required to understand all the concepts of maths to prepare for your boards and IMO both.

Step #1 Understand the concepts of the chapter.
Step #2 Practice from your textbook.
Step #3 Master the topic deeply
Step #4 Rigorously practice from higher books. (like mtg books, IMO workbooks etc)

IMO Syllabus Class 8

Actually there is no prescribed syllabus but the question is coming from class 8 level chapters. Here is the some glossary of chapters . It is expected to come questions in these topics. It is right that most of the question are the level of 7th standard but some times it may be high order thinking questions.

Some topics for IMO.
1. Logical reasoning
2. Square and cube related problems.
3. Comparing Quantities
4. Algebraic expression and identities.
5. Visualizing solid shapes.
6. Factorisation
7. Mensuration
8. Introduction of graphs.
9. Practical Geometry
10. Linear equation (one variable )
11. Exponents and powers.
12. Direct and Inverse proportions.
13. Rational Numbers.

IMO question paper for class 8 Updated today.

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Question PaperSOF IMO question paper
For whom classClass 8
Years2010, 2011,2015, 2016, 2017, 2020
Post Published on14-07-2020
Post Updated on19-06-2020
IMO question paper for class 8 uploaded details.

IMO previous year question papers and sample papers download.

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IMO sample papers for class 8

Best Olympiad Books for SOF IMO Class 8

Here is the best suggestion list about Olympiad books for SOF IMO. Rigorously practice of these books can improve your performance so good.

Class 8: Work Book and Reasoning Book Combo for NSO-IMO-IEO-NCO-IGKO Paperback – 2020

[EXCLUSIVE] IMO question paper for class 8. LifeCareers.in

This combo contains 6 workbooks useful for
1. International English Olympiads,
2. National Science Olympiad,
3. International Mathematics Olympiads, 
4. National Cyber Olympiad,
5. International General Knowledge Olympiad & Olympiad Reasoning Workbook.[EXCLUSIVE] IMO question paper for class 8. LifeCareers.in

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The 100% Real Test Papers (IMO) Class 8 Paperback

[EXCLUSIVE] IMO question paper for class 8. LifeCareers.in
  • You can get 10 years IMO question paper for class 8 with OMR sheet.
  • Detailed Solution Book
  • Hints & Explanation
  • Model Test Papers
  • Pre-Olympiad Kit.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

These books are great for Olympiads and for advance study by practising to aim JEE, NTSE KVPY etc.

Note – Here all of you get some previous year imo question papers for class 8. Actually, it is collected by some students who had already sit that olympiad exam. The main motive is to provide some released imo question papers who can’t afford it.
But if you want to get a detailed back to back 10 years question papers then you can buy 100 % real test paper mtg books where you get question paper with hint & solution and also get some mock sample papers. As an alternative, you can also purchase other MTG books for class 8.( best book listed above.)

Mathematics Foundation Course for JEE/Olympiad.

[EXCLUSIVE] IMO question paper for class 8. LifeCareers.in
  1. A road map that gives direction about the learnt and new concepts by relating the chapters and topics of previous and current Class. Ultimately giving step-by-step guidance for JEE preparation.
  2.  Practice exercise consists of various types of questions like multiple-choice questions (Level-1 & Level-2), match the following, Assertion & Reason type, comprehension type, integer/numerical value type, subjective problems (VSA, SA-I, SA-II, LA).
  3. Olympiad High Order thinking questions for various exams NTSE , IMO etc.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Olympiad Reasoning Workbook – Class 8 Paperback 2020

[EXCLUSIVE] IMO question paper for class 8. LifeCareers.in
  • Solve example to build a strong foundation on logical reasoning.
  • The reasoning is key to boost up your score. So practice lots of question to perform better.
  •  Sensitive to grade level.
  • Best practice for olympiads.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Lastly, it is said that practice makes perfect but that is partially the truth. The right practice makes you perform better. First, understand the concepts and solve previous years imo question paper. It can help to recognize what comes in the exam and how to solve it.

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